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The plastic products and molds produced by our company have been sold abroad, such as Japan , Europe and America, ect.. Our company has the import and export right, and has built the independent bonded warehouse. We can produce the products in the line of processing with supplied materials or imported materials according to our customers′requirements.

Suzhou Wellhong Electrical Co., Ltd, locates in Weibei Industry Park, Weitang Town, Suzhou City, which was founded in 1997. Weitang town is famous for pearls which are renowned in domestic and overseas market, also with beautiful scenery. It has developed transportation with crisscrossed highway network around it, such as G312 National Road, Sujiahang (Suzhou to Jiaxin to Hangzhou) Expressway, Huning (Shanghai to Nanjing) Expressway and Suyuzhang (Suzhou to Changshu to Zhangjiagang) highway.Wellhong is a factory of specialized mold manufacturing and injection molding which covers 12,000 square metres and 8,500 for using. There are 300 employees and more than 60 engineers and technicians working here.

Our company now has the advanced CNC processing center, the EDM machine, the EDW machine, the milling machine, the plastic injection machine and other kinds of processing machines and equipments. Also, we have the advanced quality- inspecting instruments such as CMM, video measuring system and imported lamp box, leaning pendulum instrument, spectrophotometer (COLOR EYE brand), ect.. We own one group of the good quality mold-designing engineers, mold makers and injection-molding technicians. So we can provide a set of the services with mold designing, die manufacturing, injection molding, silk-screen printing, oil spraying ,ultransonic welding and assembly.

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